Fresh is Best...

We believe that our guests should receive the very best foods that are available in season. We are pleased to serve locally produced foods grown in Kentucky. For example, we obtain our fresh eggs (1-2 days old) from a local farmer (1.6 mile away) that produces a variety of eggs from free range chickens. The shells are harder to crack and the yokes have an orange center. (Did you know that eggs from a supermarket are from 10-14 days old when you buy them?)

Each week we shop for the freshest, best tasting, organic foods available at the Berea Farmers’ market or other certified locations. Depending upon the guest’s menu selection, we might snip fresh herbs from our diverse garden just before we plate-up the meal. We have available in our gift shop as many products from Kentucky as possible to provide our guests with the unique flavors of the Kentucky experience. 

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